Events are color coded to the group that is hosting the event.  Events in purple are hosted by Striplight while events in blue are hosted by Stage and Steel,  and events in orange are hosted by both theater companies. 

SL Quarter Auction


Keep checking back because you never want to miss the fun. 

Macabre Arcade


The arcade is under construction but it should open late '23 / early '24.

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The Compleet works of Willaim Shakespeare (abridged,revised)

Dec 16th at 8pm and 17th at 4pm.;

All 37 plays in 97 minutes! Three madcap actors in tights weave their wicked way through all of Shakespeare’s comedies, histories, and tragedies in one wild ride that will leave you breathless and helpless with laughter.;

A Medieval Christmas Carol Storyteller version.

The Medieval Christmas Carol

Dec 1st, 2nd & 8th, 9th

Stage and Steel presents its timeless adaptation of the classic Dickens tale.  

Khymira Delirium Theater Presents: A Christmas Festival!

Saturday the 2nd and 9th in December

This Christmas Festival plans to entertain the entire family.  With playable computer games, VR experiences and CAROLoke all themed to the winter holiday, this festival is geared for ages 8-80. 

SL Acting Classes

2024 TBD

Check back for this extensive class that covers all of stage production. 

SnS Intro to Games Programming

2024 TBD

Using the Macabre Arcade as a development platform, this intro games programming class aims to cover the basics of programming in a fun way - creating games!

Knights of Khymira

2024 TBD

This year long class for kids teaches kids STEAM skills, virtues, teamwork, planning, social communication skills, problem solving all mixed in with fun physical activities.  Students enjoy a grand adventure as they traverse the footsteps of long past children as they made their way from Pages to Squires to Knights.