Welcome to Striplight Community Theatre!

Striplight Community Theatre is a non-profit community theater striving to harness the creative power of the community to enlighten, educate and entertain audiences, inviting all who love the arts to join us in shining together to light up the stage.  


Founded by brothers Jeffrey Holmes of Florida and Shawn Holmes of Weirton, WV, the theater was founded in honor of their cousin, Ashley Marie Christine Scott, who passed away before Striplight’s inaugural production of “Gypsy” in 2013.

The space will be used to in conjunction with Stage and Steel, and Khymira Entertainment, to stage the company’s plays and musicals; as an audition and rehearsal space; as a set shop; for special events and live entertainment; and for classes in a range of disciplines from dancing, singing and acting to audition and reference workshops.

SCT, along with Stage and Steel  also want to open the space up to the community’s young people as a place to educate them in fine arts, from singing, acting and dancing to the technical and behind-the-scenes side. They plan to offer not only a variety of classes, but a depth of knowledge, wanting to prepare young local talent for a career in theatre if they so choose. The group also plans to hold workshops on putting together theater resumes and auditioning.

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If you have questions about a show, about auditioning, you want to volunteer, you want to drop store bought cookies off for the actors, or you want us to embarrass your 16 year old child by singing happy birthday to them... just drop us a line.  




743 Main Street Follansbee,WV

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