Audition Announcement

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Please check the Show page to find the Story Synopsis, the Cast of Characters, and the Performance Dates.  It is important that you are available for every performance.  

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Check the dates!

Rehearsal Dates:  
Rehearsals start on Month day
Tuesday 6pm - 9pm 
Thursday 6pm - 9pm
Sunday 3pm - 9pm  (break from 5pm - 6pm)

Tech Week starts Month day 
Rehearsals will occur every night during Tech Week
Monday night Call 6pm
Tuesday night Call 6pm
Wednesday night Fight Call 5:30pm
Thursday Dress Rehearsal Fight Call 5:30pm
Second Week Tuesday night Call 6pm
Second Week Thursday Dress Rehearsal Fight Call 5:30pm

Performances: Fight Call is always 1 hr. before the doors open. 
It is important to be in costume, warned up, and on stage at the start of Fight Call. 
See the Actors section to learn more abut Stage and Steel rehearsals. 

Check out the Actors Handbook for additional information and expectations. 

Rehearsal Location:
743 Main Street 
Follansbee, WV 26037

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Dates and Times

Audition Dates and Times: 
COMING SOON!  Will be in the month of September
Mon Day Time 
Mon Day Time 
Mon Day Time

Auditions held by appointment only

Call 412-337-8812 to reserve a slot

What to prepare:
~ You will need to prepare a modern prepared piece less than 3 minutes in length. Please, no Shakespeare.
~ There will be a cold read from the script.
~ For combat roles there will be a simple agility test. Dress comfortable with supportive shoes.
~ Come with questions and/or concerns and we will address them.

Stage and Steel Productions is a local Community Theater company that strives to create unique productions combining theatre, stage combat, audience participation and technology...and occasionally a feast. We accept auditionees from all walks of life and any level of experience. Roles are defined as Fighting or Non-Fighting. Actors accepting parts in a Fighting Role will need to learn how to safely use any of the following: a one handed broadsword, two handed broadsword, hand-to-hand combat, staff, dagger, shield, and potentially others. Don't worry, training is provided.  When it comes to combat roles, choreography will be designed based on the actors skill.  We will never ask an actor to do something that they do not feel comfortable doing or is unsafe.  That being said, if a role requires a lot of combat or specific combat or weapon use then an actors skill level will be taken in account at auditions for the fairness to the actor and the safety of all. 

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