Audition Announcement

A Medieval Murder Mystery and Mayhem

by Stage & Steel Productions

Audition Date/Time:

Tuesday, February 6th from 5pm - 7pm

Auditions held by appointment only.

Call Sam Kiser at 412-337-8812


What to Expect:

Tentative Show Dates: 

April 27, 28 and May 4, 5



Rehearsals begin: February 25th

Every Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday

From 7:30pm - 10:30pm

Come to rehearsal warmed up and ready

Rehearsals are divided, one night of choreography and combat, one night of lines/blocking, one split night of both. If you are a non-combat role, you will not be required to attend choreography rehearsals.

Audition/Rehearsal/Show Location:

St. Peter & St. Paul Church Hall
220 Mansfield Boulevard
Carnegie, PA 15106


The Baron’s castle is crowded this night for the King has come to visit with an accusation against the Baron for which he must come up with a satisfying answer. Only that isn’t the biggest problem for before this night is over someone winds up dead – murdered and the murderer still lurks among this honorable group of noblemen. Tension rises as fingers point from one to the other and when it is discovered that not a single one of them is above suspicion they have no choice but to call upon a jury of commoners to look over the evidence and identify the murderer.


Baron Kormack of Wedgemore - A bastard of a man. His family gained the Barony Title through  shrewd business dealings and Kormack keeps up with family practices.  The man is smart too which only aids his skill of manipulation.  Male / Combat Role


Baroness Helena - An honorable woman caught in a miserable arranged marriage.  Her heart is pulled between her love for her son, her duties to her husband, the difficulty of not allowing herself to give in to the love of friend, and her long lost affections for the king.   Female / Combat Role


Lord Terryn (Son) - Wants to gain his father's praise and trust but fails often.  Often frustrated and daily threatens to kill his father.  Bumbling within his father’s presence but away from it he is actually a strong Lord.  Is in a secret love affair with the Princess.    Male / Combat Role


Lord Barda - A Lord within Baron Kormack’s court. A nice honorable man whose greatest weakness is that he is a coward.  He dreams of standing up to the Baron but when the time comes to say or do anything he falls apart.  He loves Helena but cannot talk her into running away with him. Male / Combat Role


Elizabeth ( Daughter ) - The neglected youngest child of the Baron - she is a worthless girl after all. Proud and headstrong; she literally has to get into the Baron’s way to get any attention from him.  Everyone is worried about how she will handle the loss of her father but her cool intelect actually aids the bumbling Leofrick to solve the crime.  Female / Non - Combat Role


Bailiff Leofrick - The highest ranking servant in the Barony who thinks himself an equal to the nobility.  A bumbling fool that doesn’t know their right from their left nor when to push or pull a door though somehow manages to run the whole estate.  This character interacts the most with the audience.  Male or Female / Non - Combat Role


King Gavin the Just - A honorable man who merits honesty and justice above all else.  However, he goes on a rampage when he learns that someone may have “smudged” the honor of his prised daughter.  Suddenly he finds himself in the middle of a murder conspiracy and must attest that even he is a possible suspect in the crime.  Loved Helena from childhood which only adds to the tension between himself and the Baron.  Male / Combat


Lord Edmund (Bodyguard) - Loyal  Bodyguard to his King, Protector of the Princess, and dealing with his King’s anger over the Princess’ secret love affair.  To make matters worse, he is the warded brother to the Baron, technically heir to the Barony, and they hate each other.  No, hate is not a strong enough word. Male / Combat

Princess Thea - Dutiful daughter to her King and Father but, growing of age, found love for the first time.  Honestly, it was only a kiss!! But it brought her whole world down around her.  With her father in a killing mood she must balance her want and need to be an honest daughter and her want to keep her new love alive.   Female / Combat


Show Format:

Fridays are Dinner Theater. The cast is expected to come out in character to serve the meal in 3 courses to the guests. The meal starts before the show, 1st intermission is the main course, 2nd intermission is dessert. 

Any tips left by our guests are divided and given to the actors who served the meal.

Saturdays are Performance only nights. 


Stage and Steel Productions is a local Pittsburgh Community Theater company that strives to create unique productions combining theatre, stage combat, audience participation and technology...and occasionally a feast. We accept auditionees from all walks of life and any level of experience. Roles are defined as Fighting or Non-Fighting. Actors accepting parts in a Fighting Role will need to learn how to safely use any of the following: a one handed sword, two handed broadsword, hand-to-hand combat, pole, dagger, shield, and potentially others. Don't worry, training is provided.


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