What to Expect

We do theater a little differently. While most productions expect people to sit quietly in the audience and clap at the appropriate times, we encourage the audience to become a part of show. 

     For those adventurous enough to volunteer you may be given a line to two to speak during the show, asked to stand in as our Man-at-Arms to help ready our fighters before they battle or you may be chosen to help guide the story and change the outcome based on your collective choices.

You may, and should, cheer and boo your favorite champions as they fight. Yell out encouragement or jeers. Just keep in mind we are a family friendly show, keep it PG please.

There will be sword fighting and hand to hand combat. It will happen mere feet in front of you. Actors may break the fourth wall and interact with you or the audience as a whole. Please play nice and respond back. 

Stick around after the show to meet the actors or get a behind the scenes tour. We are a community theater and we love to share.



If you have any other questions please check out our FAQ page.