Stage & Steel's 2017 Past Performances


"Murder In Time" - May 2017


Show Synopsis:

In the distant future two Time Agents watch helplessly as a Time
Cascade Failure wipes out the entire human race. To save humanity,
they must travel back in time to feudal England in 1260 to stop a
murder from happening but when they succeed it does not fix the
splintered timeline. Now with little help and failing equipment
they must blindly tinker with time to find the correct course of
actions that will set things right, all the while each failure
ripples and splinters the timeline further. Can they save humanity
before time runs out?


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Ruth Comley: Commander Tourvell

Matt Scheib: IdMona

Bridget Yeager: Queen Isabella

Walt J Rimmer: Prince Christian

Alyson Finelli: Princess Cristina

Samuel J. Kiser: Lord Beam

Kelsey Walls: Lord Camilla

Stephen Wilson: Lord Holmes

Mark Harris: Lord Young

Samuel J. Kiser: Director



"Don't Kill the Messenger" - Sept. 2017


Show Synopsis:

As a far off kingdom prepares for their annual festival, a mysterious messenger arrives from a dangerous neighboring land bearing a strange request. To keep peace the King must face his most challenging decision - grant the request or go to war.




Mark Harris: Prince Edarich

Carly Balog: Princess Adelin

Brian Kadlecik: King Conrad

Sam Kiser: Barclay

Stephen Wilson: Lord Gladstone

Ruth Comley: Lord Rykeld

Kendra Wickham: Lord Waldron

Kelsey Walls: Squire Gelen

Sam Kiser: Director



"A Medieval Christmas Carol" - December 2017


Show Synopsis:

King Scrooge is a cold hearted man, refusing to join in the Yule Tide cheer. One night, he is paid a visit by his departed father, who foretells the king's doom if he does not change his ways.

During the night, Scrooge is visited by three ghosts. The Ghost of Yule Tide Past escorts the miser king through his earlier years. The Ghost of Yule Tide Present takes Scrooge through a journey of how the Yule Tide is being celebrated that year without him. The Ghost of Yule Tide Future shows the king how the Yule Tide will be celebrated in years to come. Scrooge must face his past, present, and future and overcome his demons in order to prove that he truly has the Yule Tide in his heart.

This performance is presented in a minimalistic style with five storytellers telling the story and stepping into all the characters that Scrooge meets along his way.




Sam Kiser: King Scrooge

Andy Hickly: Narrator 1 / Cratchit / Ghost of Present

Kelsey Walls: Narrator 2 / Titan / Ghost of Present

Ruth Comley: Narrator 3 / Marley / Ghost of Present / Tim

Kendra Wickham: Narrator 4 / Belle / Tim

Adam Wainwright: Narrator 5 / Fred / Ghost of Past / Ghost of Future

Kendra Wickham: Director

Carly Balog: Stage Tech

Dave Zamieski: Stage Tech