Stage & Steel's 2015 Past Performances


"Bard's Tale" - May 2015


Show Synopsis:

The King of the land is throwing a Festival. Baron Henry is having a hard enough time dealing with his quarreling knights, who are vying to represent the Barony at the Festival, to deal with an acting troupe , he has never heard of before, who also want his blessing to represent the Barony at the Festival. So Baron Henry makes a deal with the Captain of the troupe that if they can get all his Knights to agree their performance is satisfactory, the Baron will allow them to perform for the King. Yeah, Good Luck with that!


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Ruth Comley: Vivienne

Kendra Wickham: River

Michaela Snider: Alice

Carly Balog: Ellena

Jacob Mullins: The Captain

Kaushik Sivasubramanian: Sir Archibald

Joe Seals: Sir Percy

Alyson Finelli: Sir Anneliese

Kelsey Walls: Sir Kaye

Matt Scheib: William

Sam Kiser: Baron Henry

Kelsey Rispin: Director



"The Polygoon who Stole Christmas" - December 2015


Show Synopsis:

It is Christmas time and Charlie is ready to embark on a new
adventure novel centered on the fantasy characters that live in his
basement. The characters are curious about all the Christmas fuss
so Charlie and wife Chrissy must teach them the yuletide traditions of humans. Christmas will be great, until, his Mother- In-Law shows up with Chrissy's nephew Jack. Now they must somehow hide the alternative reality that co-exists in their basement. Know-It-All Mother-In-Law inserts her nose into Charlie's new book and makes changes to the story and the characters that alter the fantasy realm and soon put them all in danger. Characters turn on each other and Christmas soon becomes a disaster. It all falls into Chrissy's hands to save Charlie and Jack from the hands of the villainous Polygoon Leader and hopefully in the process they can save Christmas.


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Hubert McCarthy III: Charlie

Liz Schaming: Chrissy

Kelsey Walls: Margret (Mother-In-Law)

Matt Scheib: Jack

Stephen Wilson: Martel (Human, Paladin)

Joe Seals: Mika (Human, Cleric)

Jen Eiben: Adaric (Dwarf, Barbarian)

Brian Hagan: Shakarn (Human, Fighter)

Alyson Finelli: Brandis (Elf, Psion)

Sam Kiser: Polygoon Leader (Polygoon, Leader)

Ruth Comley: Polygoon 1 / Goonelf (Polygoon, Fodder)

Kendra Wickham: Polygoon 2 (Polygoon, Fodder)

Sam Kiser, Kendra Wickham: Directors

Abby Kusserow: Stage Tech