Stage & Steel's 2014 Past Performances


"The Kings Other Men" - May 2014


Show Synopsis:

A Kingdom is thrust into turmoil when the King dies before naming an heir. Now the Queen, the Prince, and the King's brother all partake in a tug of war over the crown. The battle becomes even more interesting when the three Daughters, the heirs of the neighboring Kingdom, show up with an old but honorable treaty that states that the crown is theirs. Now, truly, a Royal Battle of the Sexes breaks out with a golden prize awaiting its winner. Drama and farce intertwine in this tale of honor, treachery, and politics.




Kelsey Walls: Queen Isabella

Joe Seals: Prince Henry

Stephen Wilson: Lord Bellows

Dan Burdess: Lord Winter

Ruth Comley: Squire Jacob

Samuel J. Kiser: Herald

Kelsey Rispin: Lord Rudifina

Alyson Finelli: Lord Sophia

Kendra Wickham: Lord Camilla

Samuel J. Kiser: Director



"Knights of the Living Dead" - Sept. 2014


Show Synopsis:

With the safety of the entire Kingdom on the line, a brave group of
Knights carry an evil artifact to be secured by the King's Council.
This quest cannot fail. Suddenly caught in the middle of nowhere
as a violent storm erupts around them, they seek shelter in an old
abandoned Keep - but is it abandoned? They learn too late that
they have accidentally awakened an ancient Demon that feeds upon
the freshly slain and enslaves them to forge its army of
destruction. Undead Zombies risen from the shattered remains of
their former selves soon pits Brother vs Brother with their mortal
soul in the balance. The groups numbers quickly dwindle as their
very Bonds of Knighthood are put to the test. Who will survive
the horror that this night has wrought upon them to see the light
of dawn? Even the audience itself will play a part in this
gripping tale as they shall decide the fate of several Knights.





Sam Kiser: Demon Litch

Kelsey Rispin / Stephen Wilson: Lord Jordan

Joe Seals: Lord Piers

Alyson Finelli: Lord Sibyl

Kendra Wickham: Lord Winifred

Jen Gilbert: Lord Helena

Dan Burdess: Lord Merek

Ruth Comley: Lord Arabella

Kaushik Sivasubramanian: Squire Gavin

Kelsey Walls: Squire Thea

Samuel J. Kiser: Director



"A Medieval Christmas Carol" - Nov. 2014


Show Synopsis:

Stage & Steel Productions Community Theatre presents "A Medieval Christmas Carol." This is a new take on the classic Dickens' tale. King Ebenezer must confront the ghosts of his past, present, and future in order to appreciate the true meaning of the Yule Tide.

As a true Stage & Steel Production, there are sword fights, challenges, and a tournament. Watch and become a part of the show as the players narrate the story. The King is a cold hearted man, refusing to join in the Yule Tide cheer. One night, King Scrooge is paid a visit by his departed father, who foretells the king's doom if he does not change his ways.

During the night, the king is visited by three ghosts. The Ghost of Yule Tide past escorts the miser king through his earlier years. The Ghost of Yule Tide Present takes Scrooge through a journey of how the Yule Tide is being celebrated that year without him. The Ghost of Yule Tide Future shows the king how the Yule Tide will be celebrated. Scrooge must face his past, present, and future and overcome his demons in order to prove that he truly has the Yule Tide in his heart.




Kelsey Walls: Lord Coldwell/Belle

Michaela Snider: Lord Gillian

Ruth Comley: Narrator

Dan Burdess: King Scrooge

Ruth Comley: King Marley

Nicky J Allison: Lord Titan

Sam Kiser: Lord Cratchit

Joe Seals: Lord Fredrick

Alyson Finelli: Ghost of Yule Tide Past, Ghost of Yule Tide Present, & Ghost of Yule Tide Yet to Come

Matt Scheib: Squire Tim

Kendra Wickham: Director