Stage & Steel's 2013 Past Performances


"Robin Hood" - May 2013


Show Synopsis:

Stage & Steel Productions Community Theatre presented “Robin Hood.” This is a new take on the classic English tale. In a fit of anger, Robin loses his title and land to the Sheriff of Nottingham. In order to redeem himself, Robin must lead a rag tag group of misfits and outlaws against the tyranny of Prince John and his taxes.




Stephen Wilson: Robin Hood

Joe Seals: Will Scarlet

Ruth Comley: Little John

Kendra Wickham: Lady Marrian

Chris Pipinou: Friar Tuck

Alyson Finelli: Earl Deboumount

Sam Kiser: The Sheriff

Micheal R. Kiser: The Bard

Bobby Phillips: Merry Man

Courtny Vollberg: Merry Man

Micheal R. Kiser: Director

Craig Lang: Stage Tech



"Pollygoon's Revenge" - Sept. 2013


Show Synopsis:

At Last, the Sequel/Prequel of Stage and Steel Productions beloved End Game: The Role Play has arrived!Join Charlie on his quest to finish his fantasy novel on time but when his fantasy world invades the real world he and fiance Chrissy find themselves thrust into the adventure of their lives as the characters that they created battle the monsters that they always dreaded. Coping with the reality of it all would threaten anyone's sanity but the stakes rise even higher when a mysterious monster that feeds on their very life essence shows up. Fear and confusion could make them all go mad as tempers flare and swords are drawn. It is going to take a truce between friends and enemies to prevail. With all of their futures on the line, can they hold out long enough to save the day?




Dan Burdess: Martel

Kelsey Rispin : Chrissy

Micheal R. Kiser: Charlie

Craig Lang: Justin

Sam Kiser: Polygoon Leader

Ruth Comley: Polygoon Minion

Kendra Wickham: Polygoon Minion

Brian Hagan: Shakarn the Human Fighter

Joe Seals: Mika the Human Cleric

Alyson Finelli: Brandis the Elven Wizard

Jen Gilbert: Adaric the Dwarven Barbarian

Micheal R. Kiser: Director

Craig Lang: Stage Tech