Stage & Steel's 2012 Past Performances


"Don't Kill the Messenger" - May 2012


Show Synopsis:

As a far off kingdom prepares for their annual festival, a mysterious messenger arrives from a dangerous neighboring land bearing a strange request. To keep peace the King must face his most challenging decision - grant the request or go to war.




Stephen Wilson: Prince Edarich

Alyson Finelli: Princess Adelin

Sam Kiser: King Conrad

Micheal R. Kiser: Barclay

Dan Burdess: Lord Gladstone

Ruth Comley: Lord Rykeld

Jen Gilbert: Lord Waldron

Spring Pigeon: Lord Holden

Joe Seals: Lord Drugo

Kendra Wickham: Squire Gelen

Micheal R. Kiser: Director


"Medieval Murder Mystery and Mayhem" - Sept. 2012


Show Synopsis:

The Baron’s castle is crowded this night for the King has come to visit with an accusation against the Baron for which he must come up with a satisfying answer. Only that isn’t the biggest problem for before this night is over someone winds up dead – murdered and the murderer still lurks among this honorable group of noblemen. Tension rises as fingers point from one to the other and when it is discovered that not a single one of them is above suspicion they have no choice but to call upon a jury of commoners to look over the evidence and identify the murderer.

Several members of the audience are called upon to serve as the jury, who question the cast of characters to seek out clues. In the end they identify the murderer and affect the outcome of the production.




Kendra Wickham: Princess Thea

Chris Pipinou: Lord Barda

Micheal R. Kiser: Lord Terryn

Sam Kiser: Baron Kormack of Wedgemore

Ruth Comley: Bailiff Leofrick

Dan Burdess: King Gavin the Just

Nicky J Allison: Lord Fredrick

Jen Gilbert: Baroness Helena

Micheal R. Kiser: Director



"A Medieval Christmas Carol" - November 2012


Show Synopsis:

Stage & Steel Productions Community Theatre presents "A Medieval Christmas Carol." This is a new take on the classic Dickens' tale. King Ebenezer must confront the ghosts of his past, present, and future in order to appreciate the true meaning of the Yule Tide.

As a true Stage & Steel Production, there are sword fights, challenges, and a tournament. Watch and become a part of the show as the players narrate the story. The King is a cold hearted man, refusing to join in the Yule Tide cheer. One night, King Scrooge is paid a visit by his departed father, who foretells the king's doom if he does not change his ways.

During the night, the king is visited by three ghosts. The Ghost of Yule Tide past escorts the miser king through his earlier years. The Ghost of Yule Tide Present takes Scrooge through a journey of how the Yule Tide is being celebrated that year without him. The Ghost of Yule Tide Future shows the king how the Yule Tide will be celebrated. Scrooge must face his past, present, and future and overcome his demons in order to prove that he truly has the Yule Tide in his heart.




Kendra Wickham: Lord Coldwell/Belle

Chris Pipinou: Lord Gillian

Joe Seals: Lord Landrew

Micheal R. Kiser: Narrator

Sam Kiser: King Scrooge

Ruth Comley: King Marley

Dan Burdess: Lord Titan

Stephen Wilson: Lord Cratchit

Nicky J Allison: Lord Fredrick

Alyson Finelli: Ghost of Yule Tide Past, Present, & Ghost of Yule Tide Yet to Come

Tessa Liddington: Squire Tim

Micheal R. Kiser: Director