Stage & Steel's 2010 Past Performances


"A Night of Knights" - May 2010


Two one act plays: There We Were... followed by The King's Other Men

Show Synopsis:

There We Were...

The three words that signal the listener to the start of a heroic tale, "there we were..." On the eve of a great battle, in which there is little hope of surviving, a group of brave Knights retire to an inn to revel in the glories of their past rather than give in to the fear and doubts of their future. The warmth of their laughter as each Knight in turn relives a past fight sustains them as the unyielding dawn marches ever closer.

“There We Were…” is a story based demonstration of stage combat. Showing off the use of the single handed Broadsword, the Staff, and Hand to Hand Combat the show demonstrates how character and sword work blend together to form entertainment.

The King's Other Men

This is an original production written specifically for us. The story takes place in a distant kingdom mourning the loss of their king. A disgruntled knight attempts any way he can to seize the thrown, including the use of murder. However, two mysterious knights from another kingdom arrive bearing a secret treaty giving the former king’s land to them.

Challenges, battle, skill, and death all become a part of this interactive piece of theatre. The King's Other Men is a true battle of the sexes as both male and female knights prove they are worthy of the crown.




Eric Barvinchak: Lord Greene and Red Tunic / Lord Bellows

Ruth Comley: Lord Rosengard and Red Tunic / Lord Rudifina

Gino DiNardo Jr: Lord Roderick and Red Tunic / Prince Henry

Jen Gilbert: Lord Sophia and Red Tunic / Lord Camilla

Micheal Kiser: Barkeep / Herold

Sam Kiser: Lord Lochlan and Red Tunic / Lord Winter

Amanda Smith: Lord Flynn and Red Tunic / Queen Isabella

Micheal Kiser: Director


"A Vampire in King Arthur's Court" - October 2010


Show Synopsis:

Harvest time in Camelot, each year the land dies, the leaves scurry away on the chill winds, and the wolves make life a living nightmare.  As they struggle with the rigors of daily survival, King Arthur must solve the riddle of the sudden appearance of bloodless corpses found all around him before it is too late.  Surrounded by death, deceit, and betrayal will he expose the lone villain that laughs at him from the darkness? 

A cunning vampire of old, which Arthur himself mistakenly invites through the gates of the mighty walls of Camelot, tries to crush the round table from within. 

King Arthur, Sir Lancelot, Queen Guinevere, Helric the Great, and introducing Lord Valkamar all fight in a tug of war across a pit of despair. 

Who will win out and who will fall to ruin in this epic battle of wills.




Ruth Comley: Lord Valkamar

Brian Hagan: King Arthur

Ashlie Hollis: Tromain / Percival

Jen Gilbert: Arthur's Guard / Valkamar's Guard / Arthur's Servant

Micheal Kiser: Helric the Advisor

Sam Kiser: Lord Galahad

Nick LaMantia: Lord Lancelot

Aubrey Plane: Queen Guinevere

Kendra Wickham: Lord Guain

Micheal Kiser: Director