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Murder in Time


2017 Spring Show
by Stage & Steel Productions

Written and Choreography by Ruth Comley

Directed by Sam Kiser


Story Synopsis:

    The entire human race has been wiped out. It is up to two Time Agents, Tourvell and IdMona, to save humanity.They must travel back to a medieval tournament to stop a murder from happening. 

     Now with little help and failing equipment they must blindly tinker with time to find the correct course of actions that will set things right, all the while each failure ripples and splinters the timeline further.  Can they save humanity before time runs out? 


Show Dates: 

     Friday - May 5 Doors Open at 7pm

     Saturday - May 6 Doors Open at 7:30pm

     Friday - May 12 Doors Open at 7pm

     Saturday - May 13 Doors Open at 7:30pm


Show Location:

     St. Peter & St. Paul Church Hall
     220 Mansfield Boulevard
     Carnegie, PA 15106


Ticket Pricing:

Fridays Dinner and Show Ticket:
*to get a discounted rate, purchase your ticket online in advance*

     Adult Admission: $27
     Senior/Student Admission: $22
     Child Admission: $12

Saturdays Show Tickets:

     Adult Admission:$12
     Senior/Student Admission: $10
     Child Admission: $5



     Tickets may be purchased online through Paypal, or at the door using Cash or Credit Card.

     If purchasing online, please bring proof of purchase 


Friday May 5
Saturday May 6
Friday May 12
Saturday May 13


Show Format: 

     Friday Nights are dinner theater. Dinner is served by the actors in courses at intermissions. Doors open at 7pm, and dinner will begin as guests arrive, Show starts at 7:30pm. Please arrive before the show starts so your meal can begin promptly. Expect to be entertained and fed for 3 hours.

*You must call ahead to reserve your dinner theater seating: Call or Text our Director Sam Kiser at 412-337-8812

     Saturday Nights are performances only. No reservation needed. Seating is first come, first serve. Doors open at 7:30pm , Show starts at 8pm. Expect to be entertained for 2.5 hours.


What to Expect:

     We do theater a little differently. While most shows you will sit quietly in the audience, and clap at the appropriate times, we encourage the audience to become a part of show. 

     For those adventurous enough to volunteer, you may be given a line to two to speak during the show, you may be asked to stand in as our Man-at-Arms and help to ready our fighters before they battle or you may be chosen to help guide the story and change the outcome based on your collective choices.

     You may, and should, cheer and boo your favorite champions as they fight. Yell out encouragement or jeers (just keep in mind we are a family friendly show, keep it PG please.) 

     There will be sword fighting and hand to hand combat. It will happen mere feet in front of you. Actors may break the fourth wall and interact with you, or the audience as a whole, please play nice and respond back. 

     Stick around after the show to meet the actors, or get a behind the scenes tour. We are a community theater and we love to share.



     Water / Iced Tea / Lemonade
     Soda available at additional purchase

     Bread and Butter

     Tossed Salad with Italian or Ranch Dressing
     Pasta Fagioli (Fazool) Soup

     *Chicken Kabob
     *Stuffed Mushrooms (Sausage)

(*Artichoke hearts and Vegetable Kabob as a Vegetarian option- Must notify at time of Reservation)

     Muffin (variety to choose from)

**All eating will be done with your hands, no utensils will be provided. 
**No utensils are to be brought from home into the theater.

Those dining will participate in the Wassail


Murder in Time : Cast: 

Commander Tourvell - Ruth Comley 

IT Idmona - Matt Scheib 

Queen Isabella- Bridget Yeager

Prince Christian - Walt Rimmer 

Princess Cristina - Alyson Finelli 

Lord Beam- Sam Kiser

Lord  Camilla - Kelsey Walls 

Lord Holmes - Stephen Wilson 

Lord Young - Mark Harris



Have a question, concern or request?
Contact our Director Sam Kiser : 412-337-8812 or





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