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Q: Is this a LARP group?

A: No. We are a community theatre that puts on theatrical performances that are choreographed and rehearsed for.

Q: Are your swords real?

A: They are "live steel" which means that they are real swords but they are not sharpened, nor are they pointed. We rehearse with practice swords before putting any of the steel weapons in anyones' hands.

Q: Is the bald guy crazy?

A: Yes. Yes he is.

Q: Could you do a demonstration for our class/event?

A: Of course! Just contact and tell us about the event you are planning.

About Shows

Q: What is the price of tickets?

A: The price of tickets will vary for each show. Go to our banner at the top of the page for tickets currently available for purchase.

Q: Is the theater handicap accessible?

A: This will be dependent upon the venue that we are performing at. Please contact to have this answered.

About Acting/Joining

Q: I'm not much of an actor, are there any other ways for me to participate in your shows?

A: YES! We are always open for those that like to work behind the scenes. Set dressing, help to get weapons/props where they need to be, and so on. Feel free to ask!

Q: Do I need years of practice before I can have a part in a show?

A: No. We are a very informal troupe. We teach the basics and then move on to advanced pieces. You would never be required to perform something that you yourself would feel unable to do. If you enjoy the basics, we offer classes that can take you to the next level of training.

Q: How often do you rehearse?

A: We meet at least three times a week with one dedicated rehearsal for choreography.

Q: Do I have to be a member to participate?

A: Yes, a $10/show fee that allows you to participate in each production. You are also able to participate in other events that we hold, including member meetings, parties, etc. There will also be member updates that will inform you of any upcoming events!

Q: What if I don't want to sword fight?

A: You can still be a part of each production even if you don't wish to take on a combat role. There are plenty of non-combat parts in each production as well as behind the scenes help!

Q: Do the non-fighting actors still have to pay to be a member?

A: Yes, the $10 per show fee allows you to participate in the production as a non-combat role.

Q: If I start out as a non-fighting member for one show, but then want a fighting role in the next show, what do I do?

A: Pay attention during the fight rehearsals. Take notes, ask questions.

Q: How do I audition?

A: For our auditions we ask that you schedule a time with Micheal on the days we have available. We ask that you have a prepared contemporary monologue, no Shakespeare please. Also, be prepared for a cold reading and an agility test. The agility test lets us know your level of abilty on handling a sword. We also ask for you to be willing to have a good time, auditions aren't meant to be stressful, so relax and have fun! Leave time to fill out forms, a resume is nice, but not required.