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Members were asked the following question:
What would you want other actors to know about Stage & Steel?

Here are a few of their responses.

Nicky Allison

"Stage & Steel is a wonderful experience; the people are friendly, the plays are fun to perform, and it is the only place I know in the local area where you can get free stage combat training.  Pittsburgh is lucky to have them as part of its theater community!"

What should potential actors know before joining the group? 

"Be prepared for an intense training program.  Stage fighting may not be what you think it is.  And remember, safety always comes first.


Stephen Wilson

In high school I loved to perform. The stage felt like a second home to me. When I wasn't singing and dancing with my school's show choir you could find me auditioning for the community theater. Moving to a brand new city for college was difficult. Not only did it put my number of local friends back down to zero, but I no longer had the outlet of performing that I was so accustom to. After graduation, I decided to spend my new free time searching for an activity that got me back in front of an audience. Many months and many internet searches went by without finding a good fit. I had even gone out to a few auditions only to find troupes that were exclusive and not very excepting of outsiders. Finally, I came across a call for a company called Stage and Steel. Being starved for opportunity, I leaped at the chance without doing very much research about them. Right away I could tell that this group was different. Instead of being pretentious and stiff, they were fun and relaxed. This was the fit I was looking for. 

My first show with Stage and Steel was Sir Victoria. I had no previous stage combat experience with swords, but they had patience with a beginner. They made it easy to grasp the new concepts of this art, and I am slowly learning more with each show. The armor and costumes were also a new experience. I had never strapped on a chest piece or kidney belt, but it helped transport me to a different time when armor was a part of everyday life. During the show, the audience members that had never experienced a Stage and Steel production did not know what to think at first. But soon they realized that audience participation and interaction is what sets us apart. Whether you want to cheer your favorite knight or boo the evil villain, you are encouraged to become a part of the action.   

I am truly happy that I found Stage and Steel and encourage others to do the same. If you're looking for good people who just want to perform and have a blast, this is the group for you. 

What should potential actors know?:

Ever wanted to live in a time of knights and honor? To banish your foes in a tournament to the death? To act with an awesome group and swing swords at each other? Stage and Steel is the place for you. When I joined the group I had acting experience, but the only thing I knew about a sword was to stab someone with the pointy end. Stage and Steel teaches beginners from scratch the fundamentals of stage combat and slowly works up to advanced maneuvers and multiple weapon techniques. Be prepared to learn as much as you have fun. These original shows will give you an opportunity to live the glory of a time long past, participate with the audience in a truly unique way, and show off your new sword skills to your family and friends.