Information for Actors

Stage & Steel is a company that allows actors to participate in a fun and exciting form of theatre. We are a diverse group of people who welcome anyone to come together to develop new skills and face new challenges. Throughout the process, actors learn a bit about stage combat, performing while breaking the theatrical fourth wall and working with technology in live theater.

We ask our actors to pay a $10 fee per show that contributes towards costumes, props, sets, rent and other items such as gloves that are use throughout the year.

Stage & Steel is a Community Theater Troupe that provides equal opportunities no matter theater or combat experience to anyone interested in understanding theatre from the actor’s perspective. Actors are encouraged and challenged to grow with each show based on personal skill level while in a warm and family-like environment.

The only expectations we have is a willingness to learn, patience to practice, a respect for safety, and the enthusiasm to take a stab at it!

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Actor's Handbook